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New York security guards and Background checks: Features, services and merits is an organization that offers all types of investigation, security services and background checks. If you are looking for some reliable & competent New York security guards, then you can count on us to proffer you the best security in the town.

Our team comprises of extremely professional & trained personnel who are sharp, discreet and well-equipped to provide customized security as and when necessary. Irrespective of the fact whether you need the services for one day or one month or for a longer duration, the proficient & robust New York security guards can protect you, your family and your assets with unfailing degree of success & dependability.

Features and merits of New York security guards:

We provide guard services of unmatched quality which is largely owing to the fact that our training regime is extremely professional & thorough and our recruitment & selection process is done with discretion. Regardless of the fact whether your requirement is for a short term period or for a long term one, you can depend completely on these super-skilled men to respond to tough situations in a quick, deft manner. Besides, they are ready to meet any sort of emergencies that may arise from time to time. Though the guards have been rigorously prepared to handle all sorts of situations, yet for the convenience & personal satisfaction of the clients, our senior managers & support staff are available 24/7 to respond to any contingencies. Besides, with a long list of clientele and a huge wealth of experience, we have acquired a good amount of reputation in this line.

These New York security guards are vigilant, strong and capable. As per your requirement or preference, they can come in uniforms or plain clothed; they can be unarmed or armed and being well-versed with computers, machines & technology, they can be ideally stationed as guards outside shops, retail stores, malls, markets, cinema halls and even places like stadiums or amusement parks.

Background checks: If you wish to conduct background checks of your clients, customers, prospective business associates, suppliers, investors, borrowers and partners, then we can assist you in this regard. Using discretion, professionalism, deliberation and diligence, our masterminded private investigators can ascertain truth with total precision, honesty & transparency.

Areas covered: An array of areas & fields are covered by our investigators. They are adept & adroit in finding out information about your formal clients, investors and borrowers. Besides, they are equally skilled in conducting a thorough background check of your domestic employees like maids, nannies, chauffeurs, contractors, visitors, etc. They use various technical & discretionary measures to find out the previous profession, academic qualification, criminal record, if any, of each & every person whom you consider dubious or suspicious or wish to conduct background checks on.

Finally, we are not just reliable & able in this line of field but offer services that are cost-effective and quick. We are committed towards aiming for excellence and can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the services.